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Executive Chef

Aram Haroutunian

"Culinary arts are the only true total sensory art form where you can...smell it, taste it, see it , hear it and feel the passion."
-Chef Aram

Through out my 40 year career, I have been fortunate enough to work and train in some of the finest institutions with some of the top Chefs from around the world. My culinary path began in the Ski Resorts of Southern Vermont. Relis & Chateau, DiRona, James Beard, Wine Spectator, all represent the level of culinary sophistication, professionalism and service in which I have surrounded myself and exemplify.


After years of owning my own award winning restaurants and markets, I decided to expand my craft internationally aboard several private mega yachts in both the Mediterranean and Caribbean. As a result, I became a seasoned private chef for a discerning clientele.


For the last 15 years, I have owned and operated one of the finest catering/ event planning companies on Hilton Head Island. In addition to servicing the Hilton Head Island Area,I now find myself traveling more with clients both domestically and abroad as a private executive chef. The demand has been so amazing that I now offer my services to a varitety of new regional markets. Currently I am available in Southern California, Utah, Colorado and Florida. I am also experienced with estate work, private jets and mega yachts.


These experiences, along with my vast culinary and business background have allowed me to offer my skills to a wide variety of locals and vistors of the island, as well as private clients who love to travel. It is my hope that my team and I can make your time here, or where ever we serve you, as memorable as possible!



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