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Our experience with Chef Aram Catering:


The Sartomer experience with Chef Aram Catering in one word, is  AMAZING!  Sartomer has used Chef Aram Catering for several years now to prepare dinners for our Executive Customer Event.   Chef Aram and his Staff are very professional, friendly and know how to prepare and serve amazing meals for the Sartomer and their guests.   They really take their time to find out about your event and what you would like prepared and served at your event.  Our events using Chef Aram are always so successful year after year, that Sartomer has already rebooked Chef Aram Catering for 2018.

Thank you for making everything so special and every meal delicious!


Please let me know when the site is up and running.  We look forward to 2018. 



Thank you,

-Gillian Young

 Inside Sales Specialist



Hello Margaret,

It would be my absolute pleasure!


Our evening with both of you was nothing short of exceptional!

It was very easy and comforting to place the entire meal from preparation and organization to conception all in your very capable hands.  

The evening that you spent in our home in Hilton Head was absolutely the culinary highlight of our trip!

The food was beyond compare excellent, the service impeccable and it was a real treat to have both you and Chef Aram in our home.  We are all still marveling at how easy Chef Aram makes it look!

We hope to return to Hilton Head before too long and are all unanimous that the first thing we do after securing our dates will be to schedule an evening with you,


Hope that helps,

All my best,




Hi Margaret,
Our 60th birthday celebration/reunion  was a huge success, starting with our first evening together and delicious meal prepared by Chef Aram and your team. Everyone was so impressed both with the House (many had not ever been to Hilton Head) and after a long day travel from Long Island it was a wonderful way for the 7 lifelong friends (and spouses) to re-connect, having dinner all planned and prepared was the perfect way to begin. Everything was fabulous, the set-up, presentation and food, a perfect start to a 3-day reunion and celebration. Everyone wants a repeat, but I think since I coordinated the entire week-end l need a year off, we’ll definitely be in touch when we return. I have a couple fun photos from that evening if you’d like to use, please let me know, although I thought you took some so please feel free to include. Let me know if you need anything else. Have a great Thanksgiving as well.

-Tracy Geiger


We used Chef Aram for the first time this past summer.  We enjoy family style meals that provide good food for large crowds.  Chef Aram and his staff more than met our expectations.  The food was amazing - we're from Maryland and therefore crab cake connoisseurs!  Chef Aram's crab cakes were some of the best we've had.  Most importantly, the food was plentiful, enough for seconds and leftovers!  Can't wait to use Chef Aram on our next visit!!!


-Hillary and Tom Baltimore


Hey Margaret!


What a wonderful event it was!!!! Dave and I couldn't have been more pleased; the food was FABULOUS; the service IMPECCABLE; Chef Aram was entertaining, talking with our guests and showing folks his techniques, etc. It felt like a wedding reception rather than a 50th wedding reception celebration. Having our long-awaited dinner in our beautiful rental home was so special in that our family and friends were free to move about, laugh, tell stories from long ago and feel very comfortable in the setting. We didn't have to compete with other people and noise as we would have in a restaurant or event venue. Your staff was amazing all evening anticipating each guests needs! And Margaret, your patience throughout the year long planning was amazing; you answered all our questions quickly and met with us a couple of times to confirm our choices and make suggestions. We had wavered on the idea of having a bartender and ultimately decided to have one; a great decision. Her attention to detail regarding our guests was wonderful. Your confirmation of who to use for flowers and cake were welcome and fit into the ambiance of the evening. It was so great to use plastic tableware (forks, plates, wine glasses, etc.) and the table looked very formal with chargers; you were accepting of the plastic since we agreed no one wanted to wash dishes! Honestly, there is not a thing I would change, except to do it every 6 months! Ha! It was a spectacular evening to commemorate an amazing 50 years together.


Please give Chef and your staff our sincere gratitude for all you did to make our special evening a huge success!


Blessings to you all,

-Vickie Ruddell

 Operation Homebound


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